Wednesday, November 5, 2008

And Moving Forward

Okay, my little pity party is over.

Let's get the grotesque media fawn party over so we can start taking apart the political train wreck known as the democrat party. They wanted the power, now they have it, let the games begin!

My predictions:

2010 kiss the democrat majority in BOTH houses good bye. That's about how long it will take the American populace to wake up and be tired of the BS.

2012 Obama will find himself kicked to the curb in good old fashioned American style as his predecessor Carter did.

The Conservative movement isn't dead. It's under reconstruction. We have 2 years to get our remaining congress critters and Senators in shape to take control back.

We have 4 years to get a good solid conservative, strict federalist, leader on the line and ready to take the country by storm. Sarah Palin, we're looking at you sweetheart, and this country girl is on her knees begging Thompson to run again. Rumor has it that that is exactly his plan. The governorship of TN and its massive political/Republican Money Machine, then eyes on the prize, the white house.

Chin up, eyes on the prize folks. We took a sucker punch tonight, but we know how to fight back.

It starts now.

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