Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Oh JOY! (not the good kind) AND GO FRED!

President Barack Hussein Obama. First black president. Hope he enjoys his 4 years of hell in the the oval office. He's out on re-election day 2012 as the worst, wimpiest, jelly spined, euroweenie'ized' president ever. Mark this post. Remember my words. Jimmy Carter will look like a saint by the time this train wreck is over.

Kiss your job good bye. (Here comes mass unemployment.)

Kiss your wallet good bye. (no job, no money.)

Kiss your 401 K good bye (because he's going to tax it anyway and you'll need it to pay your bills.)

Kiss your political blog good bye.(Fairness Doctrine)

Kiss part of our population good bye. (because the terrorists are partying in the streets and plotting new attacks even as we blog)

Kiss our military good bye. (because he's going to withdraw our troops from overseas and de-fund them)

Say hello to new taxes passed on to us in the form of higher prices.

Did I mention say good bye to your wallet? I did? Okay, well say it again, those Bush tax cuts will go bye bye in 2010 thus raising your taxes again.

On that note, Bush tax cuts. 2010 IS a re-election year for a huge majority of Senators AND Congress members. Maybe, if they really really like their jobs, they might want to reconsider letting those tax cuts expire?

Say hello to even higher national debt. How do you think he's going to pay for everything he's promised? On that note, kiss your wallet good bye a third time, more taxes to cover those promises.

Home schoolers, dig in, because Obama does not believe in allowing you to have a say in your child's education. Of course there's always the option of sitting up late at night, detoxing your children from the garbage spoon fed them at the government indoctrination camps during the day.

Say hello to government run health care, since they do so well at everything else they run. Though I wonder if I can make them pay for a tummy tuck and face lift? hmmmmm, interesting thought, that.

Wonder how the stock market will take this news? Hey all you evil filthy rich companies, read, employers, Uncle Obama is gunning for your profits. RUN!

I wish I could.

Oh well. I survived Jimmy Carter, well, my folks did, I was just a kid along for the ride. We will persevere. We survived Clinton too. We'll survive this, somehow.

Looking forward to 2012. Fred Thompson, you better run for Governor in 2010 so we can put you in the oval office in 2012.

GO FRED! (a girl can hope, right?)

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