Sunday, December 7, 2008

Wait wait, back up here

So we, the tax payers, are giving the big three 15 billion dollars to save their back sides until Obama can get sworn in and stroke a big check while calling it a loan?.

We're effectively purchasing jobs for the union workers and their underlings so we can continue to buy cars they produce? WHY?????

We, the people, are the guarantors. If we don't' purchase the cars we just paid them to continue to produce, then we lose our money. Not that it isn't lost anyway, but still this ticks me off.

Someone want to buy my job so I can keep it too, not that I'm in any danger of losing it yet.


Any takers?

Thought not.

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Anonymous said...

Don't you find it odd that "they" are making such a fuss over 15 billion when they have given away something like 7 trillion??? Please look at the number of zeros in those numbers.

This is all a charade and show for the idiots in the cheap seats.


Now, I am not totally cynical at this point!

Christmas is at hand, and we should recall that everything passes except the truth. This period of socialism will pass. My parents and your grandparents endured worse. We will probably have to endure worse.

In the meantime, love your spouse and children, pray, and don't worry. Be happy. Love ya' Melissa!

Merry Christmas!

D. Ox

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