Friday, December 5, 2008

Big Three Auto Makers... and other selfish thoughts

What did congress expect to accomplish by forcing the CEOs of the big three to drive or fly business class to come before them to beg for money they're obviously not going to get any time soon?

Did they save any money that way? No.

Did it cause less impact on the environment? No.

Did it fan the fires of class war fare the Democrats are intent on continuing to stoke? Yes.

Make them travel the way the rest of us (except most of Congress and the Senate) do so they know how it feels.

Guess what. Next week, they'll be back to flying in jets and being driven around. Those company jets aren't they only jets they own. They have fleets of them. For example: The CEO of Ford may have driven a hybrid to Washington, but what do you want to bet his secretary flew in on one of the company jets? Or that his lawyer drove too? What are the odds of said CEO staying in the local Motel 6? Highly unlikely, that's what.

Where do we get off telling people who are in business, people who worked their asses off to get where they are, how they are to live? They didn't claw and bite their way to the top of Chevrolet Motor company only to have to fly coach.

I have no intention of driving a 10 year old Toyota Camry by the end of next year which is when MY BUSINESS will be in full swing. It'll be my money I'll spend it the way I want to. Same for these CEO's and corporate big wigs. They earned what they have why shouldn't they be allowed to use it? No one goes into business to not make a profit. No one goes into business because they want to be told how much they can earn. If we wanted that we'd remain with our current employers.

Errr, sorry, KMart only pays minimum wage, and if I had to live only on minimum wage I'd starve. That minimum wage increase was another way the government has decided to continually fan the flames of class warfare. Us 'poor' people who have to work for minimum wage need a higher minimum wage. Uh, no we don't. We need to learn a set of skills in our minimum wage jobs that will propel us to the next level of the work force. Minimum wage jobs are where we learn the discipline we need, the skills we need, to move ahead.

Those who don't learn deserve to be exactly where they are. Raising minimum wage only makes the less inclined to work more comfortable with where they are and with what they have.

I am a little more ambitious than that. I want more. I deserve more and by golly, I'll have more. It took me 20 years to figure it out and to get over being complacent with what I have, but I'm over it.

The rest of the world should get over it too. Pull yourself up, dust your ass off, and get busy. If you want more, learn more, do more. Stop looking at me for a hand out already.

The big three probably shouldn't get a bail out. They should have to start over at square one, learn their lesson, apply it, get it right this time. Otherwise there's probably some younger, up and coming automakers, not embedded with union workers, that will happily fill their shoes. That's called free market. It's competition. It's capitalism. And that is what America is built on. Good, old fashioned hard work and ingenuity. It's her firmest foundation. Shame on those who want to say otherwise.

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