Friday, January 2, 2009

Questions regarding climate change

Okay all of you who have bought into the evil greedy man caused climate changes because we dared to make life better by driving cars, refining oil, preferring electric light to candle light, and dare to exhale co2 or defending ourselves against our enemies, I have some questions for you and I'm certain you will be able to provide answers for this simple country girl.

First and foremost, why did you change from global warming to just climate change? Is it because you needed something that would cover all the bases?

1)What caused the warming trend that turned a large part of the African Continent into a desert?

2) At one time most, if not all of the US and Canada was under water, take the Badlands in South Dakota for example, ocean fossils have been found there, but where did the water go? Freeze or dry up? How could man cause that if we weren't around then?

3) Why is the cure the same for both global warming and global cooling?

4) What effect do the ocean currents La Nina and El Nino have on the climate? How would man affect their influence?

5) What effect do the sun and moon cycles have on the the climate? How would man affect their influence?

6)If you look closely at geologic studies, you will find the layers of the earth clearly demonstrate that there have been wildly fluctuating 'global climates' in its existence, evidenced by sea/water creature fossils found in now arid dry deserts or high atop mountains in areas that haven't' been under water in many millenia. Where did the water go and how did man cause it (never mind we weren't around then)

7) Does the Earth's rotation, which has been know to 'wobble', have any effect on the climate? How would man affect this influence?

8)Does the Earth's geomagnetic field have an influence over the climate? How would man affect its influence?

9) Would catastrophic natural events (like CAT5 Hurricanes, Tsunamis, or high magnitude earthquakes have an influence on the global climate? How would man affect this influence?

10)How does war, wealth (or lack of), education (or lack of) affect the Global climate?

11) If it's mans fault that the climate is changing and animal species are going extinct then why do scientists keep finding new animal species and 'discovering' some species thought long extinct in different and or remote areas of the world?

12)Use google search using this term 'thought extinct found'. Tell me what you find.

And I have several more questions that just devil the hell out of me: Why would I want to purchase carbon offsets/credits? To assuage my burdensome guilt over killing a tree? Who determines how much credit I need? How do they determine this? If all these carbon credits do is pay for someone to go plant trees for me, why can't I buy my own trees and plant them? What kind of trees do they plant and where? How do I know they really went and planted trees? Do I get one of those nifty certificates with a picture of my tree?

Enquiring minds wanna know!

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KH said...

All good questions indeed.

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