Sunday, March 15, 2009

Observation: Stimulus Package = Help for the rich

Let me be clear on that observation. If the stimulus package truly were to help the "poor people" struggling to make payments on their mortgage/not lose their home then it would have been given to the people who needed it most: THE PEOPLE.

Instead it went to the Bankers/Car Manufacturers/Insurance Companies' pockets as evidenced by all the headlines about bonuses granted to those companies who received bailout monies.

Now, tell me who that helped? People in foreclosure are still in foreclosure.

It didn't save jobs. It didn't create jobs.

Don't get me wrong here, I'm not complaining. Not about that really. I am complaining about the people who are still whining that 'my boss makes more money than I do!"


Those bank CEOs, your 'boss', anyone who makes more money than you do got where they are by the decisions they made.

They have the experience.

They have the education.

If you want what they have do what they did.


No one ever got rich by working for someone else. The government has never made a constituent rich. Money doesn't grow on trees nor does good jobs or successful businesses.

You have to WORK.
You have to put in SWEAT EQUITY.

That's how you get what they have.

Stop sticking your hands in my pocket. I earned what I have and you don't deserve it no matter what your excuse of the minute is.

Taking something you didn't earn is theft no matter how you paint it. Robin Hood was a thief. So are you if you're whining that you want what I have and want the government to take it from me.

If you're going to whine that expecting you to work and get an education is too hard and not fair, then you deserve to be exactly where you are.

I don't want to hear about your reasons why you CAN'T, JUST CAN'T! do what you have to in order to get rich. It's just a whiny assed excuse.

And I'm tired of hearing them.

Go whine somewhere else.

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The Hunter said...

I agree that people are not "entitled" to be rich -- a government that promises to produce wealth is exactly that kind of government that consumes it. This government borrows money from foreign nations that dislike us in order to buy votes with government checks -- we call this "entitlements". There was a time when we were entitled only to what we worked for, and the government's job was to help enforce laws so that the fruits of our labor were not stolen from us.

However, your rant, while right on the "money", is a little out of context.

It's bad enough when the government takes from those who produce wealth and gives to those who are too lazy and poor. The current crisis, however, is one where the government takes from the working poor (who remain saddled with the IOUs) and gives to lazy sorry criminals who happen to be obscenely rich.

If redistribution of wealth from the producing rich to the non-producing poor is wrong, why is the current situation right? It is not, and the politicians are buying not votes but their own long-term economic security from people who will be their friends long after these politicians leave government service. The government has teamed up with a financial elite, and together they are selling us into slavery.

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