Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Message to President Obama

I've been offline for a while and I have many thoughts,all directed to the president I didn't vote for.

Mr. Obama has it not occurred to you that this massive spending plan you're shoving down the throats of the average working class might come back to haunt you and your cronies in 2010 and 2012?

Have you even considered how we, the American people, will ever begin to pay it back?

There are limits to just how much anyone, the rich and the employed alike, are willing to pay toward taxes.

Those of us who are in the working class know something your overly educated so-called financial experts seem to want to ignore. You can't borrow your way out of debt.

You cannot create jobs out of thin air.

You cannot find employees willing to do the labor out of thin air.

You create favorable spending conditions by removing the barriers/penalties: TAXES, not increasing taxes.

You create a need for supply generation by increasing demand. Spend what you have, not creating more debt (borrowing).

Those of us who don't have accountants and financial experts are pros at balancing budgets and dodging the debt bullet. Try listening a bit more closely to the common man.

Bail Outs

Fine and dandy, let's discuss bail outs.

If you're going to put a cap on the amount a CEO who took the bail out money can earn then why can't we put a cap on welfare recipients?

What is a welfare check, exactly? I don't mean food stamps, I mean disability, AFDC...those checks. They're bail outs for people who chose not to work. I know there are legitimately disabled people out there. I don't' mean them. I mean people like my former renter who kept complaining to her doctor that her knee hurt until he recommended knee surgery and declared her disabled. She filed for and got her disability check, never had the surgery, and sits around all day gossiping, eating, writing bad checks, and smoking pot/popping Oxycontin.

Here's an idea

Or better yet, my former neighbor whose rent was paid by the government while he owned nice lakeside property in a popular tourist resort area, owned two cars and a boat. HE claimed his back was hurt so he couldn't work.

He freelanced drafting projects for contractors (he was paid under the table), mowed the back yard of our rural apartment 'five'plex, and chopped wood for the little fire pit he dug behind the apartment 'five'plex.

Those are the people I mean.

If you're going to take welfare payments then perhaps you shouldn't be able to buy lottery tickets, beer, cigarettes, alcohol, cell phones, TV converter boxes, satellite or cable TV, big screen TVs, gold chains, diamonds, three cars, boats, or computers. After all, you're so desperately poor you can't afford to buy food, what makes you able to buy all those LUXURY items? Of course the answer to that is, you took my money from me in the form of taxes so I can't buy them for myself.

It's only fair after all, everyone should be on equal footing.

I think, Mr. Obama, that if the economy were truly on the brink of collapse,a s it allegedly has been since October last year, that it would have already collapsed. It has been more than one business quarter since imminent collapse was announced and, well, Mr. President, we're still here. The economy is still creeping along, sure jobless claims are up, but then Christmas seasonal workers were just laid off last week so that is to be expected.

Have you checked your job description? It isn't to create jobs. It isn't to spend taxpayer money. It's to protect and uphold the US constitution. You know that super important paper you're trying your darnedest to trample on? You're supposed to be protecting us. You're not doing a very good job of it, sir.

Try letting us handle our own problems. Let the automakers go bankrupt. Let the major banks go bankrupt. After all, the airline industry went bankrupt, but it's still here, leaner, meaner, and running quite well, not the all the same players as before, but it's still with us.

Have you not noticed our history?
We've survived recessions.
We've survived a depression.
We've survived two devastating attacks on our soil.
We've stared down the Russians.
We've survived numerous wars.
We've stared down disease and starvation.
We've stared down the entire British empire, 13 measly ne'er do well colonies took on the once mighty British armada and won.
As a result we colonized and cultivated a now mighty nation.
We revolutionized and industrialized the world with cotton gins, trains, automobiles, airplanes, and spacecraft. Better yet, we have re-usable spacecraft.
We put a man on the moon.
We developed nuclear weapons.
We are the most reviled country, next to Israel, yet we're the first other countries turn to when they suffer devastating natural disasters or attacks.

We have a generous and giving people.
We have a creative and innovative people.
There is a reason why it's called American Ingenuity.
We are survivors.

Don't stifle us with yet more taxes, fines, and regulations or you're going to find out about another facet of the American people.

We like to work, think, speak and vote for ourselves.

*THAT* Mr. President is what we do best.

And that, Mr. President, is not why you were elected.

Let me tell you one more thing, sir, People didn't vote for you.

They voted for your lies.

They voted for themselves out of greed.

They voted for you to prove they weren't racist.

An open letter to racists vote Obama

And most of all, Mr. President, they were voting against a man who wasn't even running for office.

They voted against Bush.

So if you want to consider that a mandate for spending every penny of my money you can get your greedy fingers on for 'failed programs and policies of the past' then please continue to do so.

You provide us bloggers with plenty of entertainment and you're only sealing your own re-election bid.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out in 2012.

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