Saturday, March 1, 2008

Here's An Idea

I was listening to the Triple H show this morning (Hallerin Hilton Hill, that is) and one of the callers had an interesting idea.

It'd never pass, but here it is.

He's tired of drug addicts receiving welfare (yeah, we know there aren't any illegal drug addicts getting welfare riiiiight, they're getting legal drugs like hydrocodone etc). Why not make people have to pass random drug tests to remain on welfare? Those of us who have jobs and are keeping these people up had to pass drug screens and back ground checks in order to get a check from our employer. Why shouldn't welfare recipients have to be subject to the same rules we are?

It only seems fair. At least to me. I get the distinct feeling that any good socialist out there would disagree heartily. Here's your invitation to tell me what a hatemonger, divisive, arrogant republican/neocon I am for daring suggest such a thing. How dare I agree that people should make an effort to 'earn' their allowance!

Ask me if I care. If you want to pay their way, fork over more of your check. Leave mine alone.

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