Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Have People Gone Insane???

I keep hoping I'm going to wake up and this is all a bad dream. This isn't the America I grew up in.


Stop Apologizing Already! Hillary undecided on platform apology for slavery. Why are we apologizing for things we had nothing to do with? This just solidifies my belief that this country has gone off the deep and and is now drowning in the cesspool of political correctness. Dramatic? Yes. God I need some Tylenol. (Via Lucianne)

Impugn Away! Talk Radio Impugns McCain. Good. The elderly and Hispanics flocked to his side in Florida. Can't imagine why? Can you? He was a prisoner of war, a hero, tortured by the enemy. Why does that make him presidential material? Why does his support of AMNESTY make him presidential material? He's against the Bush Tax cuts. He's all for the suppression of free speech, he doesn't want to drill our own oil so we can get over our dependency on foreign oil. Good God what does it take to make people freaking wake up! I'm going to be sick if this goes much further. C'mon Rush! Squash him like the bug he is! I think if my options in the general election are Hillary or Obama or McCain, I'll probably vote Democrat. In the meantime I need some Mylanta to go with my Tylenol. (Via Lucianne)

Insult? I'll show you Insult McCain says demanding immigrants learn English is an insult. I'd like to show him insulting. How about: THIS English speaking American finds it insulting that he'd sell us out for the office of president. THAT'S what I find insulting. Via Flopping Aces

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