Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Neener Neener Neener

First Quarter: One, just one, out of every 194 houses in the US are in foreclosure. How many homes would that be? Roughly 650K homes. Ummm, while that's up, from the way the media so breathlessly reports the 'housing crisis' you'd think there were millions of homes in foreclosure. Nearly 157,000 properties were repossessed by lenders nationwide during the quarter. Is that all?

  • Conservative Voice

    The economy grew by 6 tenths of 1 percent, not in the negative and not where the drive bys have been breathlessly awaiting and knowing, just knowing, that it would be a negative number so they could shout "SEEEEEE we told you we're in a recession!!"
  • Newsbusters

    Well neener neener neener, seeee us bloggers told you we aren't in a recession.

    Anyway, we're told that economists don't consider this the classic definition of a recession. I guess that means the media gets to make a new definition of recession to fit their agenda.

    Why is it okay for libs like Roseanne Barr to want riots in Denver but not for Rush Limbaugh to want riots?
  • RoseAnne

  • Now for my spiel of the day: Every time you decide it's okay to pass some law or ordinance to protect yourself while controlling your neighbor you vote away your own personal freedom. We've let laws be passed so people can't smoke, not even in their own personal homes or vehicles. You just let the government into your own home. You applaud that energy law in California that says your neighbor's trees can't block your solar panels, never mind the tree is doing more good than that solar panel...well now you can't plant trees in your own yard because you'll block your own solar panel stupid.

    You can't use trans fat in New York City in a restaurant, how long before the government invades your personal refrigerator and tells you what you can and can't eat at home, you already can't smoke there. They're already telling you what your kids can and can't eat at school, what they can and can't wear, and whether or not they can attend home school or private school and which public school your child can attend, what they can study, and enforce their attendance.

    You have to file for permission to build a house. File for permits to connect to your driveway to the road that your tax dollars paid for, permits for this that and the other concerning the construction and use of your personal home. Some places don't allow you to build certain styles of homes. Some places say you can't keep animals on your own property that YOU paid for.

    It's all about control. The more control you hand your government, on any level, the more personal freedoms you happily give away thinking you're getting rid of that nosey/loud/unkempt neighbor or you're punishing the rich or helping some poor fat slob eat better or you're saving the earth. What are you saving it for anyway? Your ungrateful children? In the end, it affects you too, or your children, or someone in your family. Then, and only then do you realize what you've lost and you can't get back.

    Help put a stop to the insanity now. Vote conscience, not heart. It might look and sound good on the outside, but public record tells the tale of what's on the inside. And it's what's on the inside that counts.

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